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Peak Power

Our company, Peak Power, is a Toronto-based software company that leverages big data and artificial intelligence to optimize distributed energy resources (battery storage, curtailable loads, electric vehicles and solar + storage) based on its building load and market predictions.

Our largest private backer is Osmington Inc, the private real estate investment firm owned by David Thomson, Chairman of Thomson Reuters.

Founded in 2015, Peak Power’s core building customers are end users of electricity who want to reduce energy bills and GHG emissions. To build its technology, Peak Power begins by integrating the chargers with its software, enabling data acquisition. We then build our products through data science and software development.


Peak Drive's Vision


Our goal is to build software that enables full utilization of all available assets, whether they be the existing poles and wires of the grid, or a privately owned electric vehicle, thereby helping to create the sustainable energy system that we deserve.

Peak Drive is the project that will help us turn electric vehicles into grid participants, and we cannot do it without you. We understand that this technology will not be successful in the future unless we have thousands of EV-owning customers willing to plug in and discharge their cars as requested.

Peak Events Season

Peak Events occur when Ontario's power demand approaches its annual provincial maximums. At such times, Ontario needs to tap into additional power sources such as natural gas power plants. Unfortunately, this is very expensive and polluting. With clean alternative power resources, such as your vehicle battery, Ontario can meet these peak demand needs without the financial and environmental cost.

Peak Events typically occur on the hottest summer days, and can also occur on extremely cold days in winter. Heat waves usually occur in July and August, but can also occur in June and September, meaning that events are most likely in the heart of the Summer.

Environmental Impact

Making Peak Drive vehicle available for Peak Events is critical to learning the impact of Vehicle-Grid-Integration. A recent study commissioned by Plug 'n Drive  found that "Ontario’s electricity system could realize a total of $129 million in benefits per year from EV batteries while EV owners could earn as much as $19,000 over the course of their car’s life". Every time you participate, we learn the real-time impact of VGI and it's tangible contribution to a cleaner energy grid.

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