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Peak Power, a Toronto-based energy technology company, is testing innovative ways to use electric vehicles to help support the electricity grid. Our program is for future thinking, environmentally conscious individuals who wish to reduce their GHG emissions. Learn more...

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Free daily parking Downtown Toronto 
FREE home EV Charger
Over $10,000* rebate on lease

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$575/month for 36 months including:

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Do you drive Downtown Toronto to work? Would you like free dedicated parking? Complete a short survey to see if you qualify! 

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Monthly Costs

Nissan Rogue (Gas)

Nissan Leaf (EV)

Peak Drive Program

Lease Payments (incl HST)*












Downtown Parking Fees***












*Nissan Dealership Pricing

**Comparing Fuel and Maintenance Costs of Electric and Gas Powered Vehicles in Canada, 2018
***Monthly Project Parking Fees

What is my Environmental Impact?

Free daily parking Downtown Toronto 

We partner with the most progressive building owners in Downtown Toronto to reduce their climate impact. We enable EV owners to share their power with Toronto’s electrical grid when power is in high demand. Would you like to know if you qualify? Complete our survey to find out!

FREE home EV Charger

Included in your lease is a FREE Level 2 Home Charger. Canadians who switch to EV's save as much as 80% on fuel and 47% on maintenance. In Ontario, charging your EV costs as little as $40 per month.

No more trips to the gas station, no more oil changes, no more mechanic visits! Be a part of the future TODAY!

Over $10,000* rebate on a 2019 Nissan Leaf over 3 years

Peak Drive financially incentivizes the switch to an electric vehicle to create a sustainable Toronto through vehicle-to-grid technology. If you work downtown and drive to work, Peak allows you to help your office building using Peak Drive’s V2B technology.


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